Ready Set Connect Fair Education

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About the Cluster

The Ready Set Connect cluster consists of primary schools and some of their feeder high schools; Hilltop Road Public School, Greystanes Public School, Beresford Road Public School, Greystanes High School, Merrylands High School, and Arthur Philip High School. We have also connected and collaborated with Moree East Public School. Although some of these schools are close geographically, the context and complexities within each school are significantly different.

The Ready Set Connect cluster has worked together to develop and grow transition practices within our schools that strengthen the relationships with parents and community. Through working as a cluster, we have had the opportunity to trial and implement evidence-based practices that have been co-created by schools, around transition and parent and community engagement. These strategies aim to support students to have reduced anxiety when transitioning to and from different school settings and ensure families do not become isolated, promoting a sense of belonging and social connectedness within the schools and the community as a whole.

Ready Set Connect Clarity Story

In the past schools discussed transition and parent engagement strategies and programs on a case-by-case basis within their context.

Then something happened, we applied for and were successful in receiving the Fair Education cluster grant as all schools shared a common goal to strengthen transition and parent engagement.

So now we use the power of the collective in order to develop and try new strategies that are contextualised for individual schools and communities.

In the future, we will have a diverse range of strategies that are easily adaptable to suit the context of schools outside the cluster. These strategies are constantly evolving and changing in response to different/ newly identified ideas.


Students, families, communities, and schools need to authentically connect in order to support student outcomes

We believe

The combined strength and knowledge of students, teachers, parents and community members from high schools and primary schools is critical

So we provide

An opportunity for a cluster of schools (primary and high) to work together to acknowledge and trial evidence-based practices around transition and parent engagement

That leads to

Multiple evidence-based opportunities that are co-created by schools for students, families & community members to connect and engage in schooling

And results in

Improved outcomes for students and the development of authentic learning partnerships, supporting young people and communities to succeed.

To create the shared vision the cluster worked to brainstorm their ideas. The group then reviewed everyone's thoughts and found common threads to develop our purpose and additional statements. These were then reviewed by the cluster again to ensure a consensus and a strong vision was established.


To develop a strong community of learners by

  1. Valuing and celebrating our uniqueness
  2. Nurturing a sense of belonging through AUTHENTIC connections and engagement
  3. Learning from and with others

to co-create opportunities for our young people and community to succeed, influence, and contribute beyond. 


  • We believe in the value of a strengths-based approach. 
  • We value differences and communicate with warmth and friendliness.
  • What we say, we do. 
  • What we expect of others, we expect of ourselves.
  • Structured fluidity.
  • Co-creation and connection.
  • We believe in harnessing the collective genius.
  • We believe in building foundations for success.